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first post in nov.. by 3 min

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Nov. 1st, 2006 | 12:12 am
mood: discontentdiscontent
music: Protricity - Remixed Super Metroid Soundtrack

what have i always said, i resort to the LJ when i need to type and things need to come out. its been a great few months, or however long since the last update but this are coming to a climax, a cusp if you will. this is the last semester of school and i pretty much maxed myself out because i wanted to get this crap done. and thats the problem, not being busy or maxed out, but im still.. fucking.. waiting. biding my time until graduation. besides all the bullshit in the news, having this in front of my face for well over a year and not being able to grasp at it, is the most frustrating thing i can think of. ive also been struggling with this line i have found, a line in the sand. all the time during elementary school, we were always told to pick something to be when we grow up. when we grow up.. when does that actually happen? where is this point that i can look back and say, yes, then i was a child but now i am an adult. it seems so definite that it is freaky at times. this has nothing to do with maturity in the least, rather, a solid point in time that you consider yourself an adult. not just any adult because thats easy, if your reading this your an 'adult'. but rather an adult in your eyes when you were in grade school. is it when you graduate from high school? graduation? move out? start a family? jesus, the little stuff that keeps me up at night.

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