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w00t, i have pants

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Nov. 9th, 2005 | 03:16 pm
mood: amusedamused

so i cant believe how freakin rich the somerset mall is in the detroit area. most normal stores we think of in a mall arent even ALLOWED there because it would lower the value. but on the plus side i got some new pants! and a shirt and an awesome windchime. and i do mean awesome. not at somerset tho, great lakes crossing.

ive got a presentation for the worst class ever(tm) tonite.. not that its hard but the dread from the teacher not actually knowing what is going on. the presentations are extra credit for the test that we just had that she couldnt prepare us for. so, to compensate for her mistakes, we need to do her job and teach a part of the chapter. my biggest enemy is going to be boredom.

i think its offically crunch time for homework. those semester long projects i learned about during week 1 are popping up now and being the professional i am... have done nothing to start em. way to be a rock star. but best of all, its the same class that i have not only pulled one 100% test, but two! rock star indeed.

maybe more later.. fyi.. this is the most formating i tihnk ive ever used in a lj post.

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